It’s not my birthday its my rebirth!!

It’s my birthday today! I realize I am 27 now! I am neither happy that I am one year older nor I am happy for spending 27 long years of my life. I am happy because I have grown by more number of years just in a single year. I have seen more of life!

This one year was full of a roller coaster ride on all the fronts of my life, family, relationships, professional life and my emotions. I went through extreme experiences both good and bad which have completely changed me as a person. I feel it’s indeed a rebirth for me. I feel blessed for all the pains I faced in different phases of my life. This has been the most unforgettable year in good as well as bad sense.

The time flew away like a hurricane making me force to bear its tantrums and bow in front of the uncertainty. It gave me immense learning that I will never forget but with pinches and punches.

Today I feel much enlightened, full with optimism and gratified for the time taught me the biggest lessons of my life!!


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47 thoughts on “It’s not my birthday its my rebirth!!

  1. have a great one. as someone had said – the best and worst teacher is the LIFE itself. You learn from it or you don’t; either way one has to go through what one is going through. πŸŽ‚


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Every year has its challenges and joys. May your next year be full of blessings more joy than challenges. But, we only truly learn in the challenges.


  3. We never are too old to let life’s experiences teach us new lessons. Good for you! You lived through 2018 and the new year will be wiser! Happy New Year 🎈


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