Lost smiles

I wonder where I lost my lively serene smile,

To search that smile I walked long miles,

In the desert dead, burning in flames,

There I stand amidst those hot sand dunes,

I spot the trail of the foot prints you had left,

And the place from where you disappeared,

I trace the foot prints barefoot one by one,

Planting my tear therein thinking of you,

And I trace them back upto their origin,

On the path you had laid for my smiles,

I trace them back again till the end,

And my tears dry up thinking of you,

My bare feet on your footprints sinking deep,

Reminding me of the pain and the gain,

Now I look towards the azure blue sky,

The scortching sun shut my tearless eyes,

I step back into the world of my dreams,

I see the oasis burried below the sand dunes,

I search my smile in the illusions of the green,

There it is .. my smile, waiting at my feet,

Where you had left your last footprint,

I step ahead and take a pinch of the sand,

The sand that once had touched your feet,

Now the hot breeze blows over my sweaty face,

Purifying and releasing my trapped soul,

Free and liberated I dissolve on that path,

Into your heaven..and there I find my smiles.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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