Change begins with us

I loved to control the situations around me. I tried my best to change them. But I failed..Do you know why? I did not know that if we need to change the world the change begins from us!!!!

That was the turning point in my life when I began to introspect why I failed. The situations revealed me that we need to change with the changing situations to change the situation. The faster we change, the better we adjust with the situations and as the time passes we maneuver the situations easily. We can easily control the situation but not unless we implement the change with us first.

Change being the only constant, learning to change with the change, helps us drive the change we have been waiting for.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)


10 thoughts on “Change begins with us”

  1. “I did not know that if we need to change the world the change begins from us!!!!”, the problem with many of us is that – we always fail to realize that “the world” that we say is actually “my world” and where does it begin? it begins within us or the way we see the world! so, in my perception – one doesn’t need to change at all because everything is within him/her. it’s just that he/her haven’t found that part of his/her world yet!


  2. So true.. The major change that I believe is in how we react to a particular situation. Our reactions can prove to be game changers for us a lot of times. Sadly we realize this thing very late in life. But better late than never 😊


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