An angel in the dark

I walked down the dungeons dark,

On the rough path of realities so stark,

Voices yelled and howled at me,

I ran for help and hurt my knee,

I groped in the dark to find my way,

But at every step, fear blocked my way,

Soon I heard his footsteps slow,

His enchanting voice deep and low,

His eyes shined and twinkled in the dark,

Like the stars in the moony night dark,

Touching my shoulder with great affection,

His charm drew my complete attention,

Handing over his coat to me, he said,

“Just wear it, you will forever be unaffected”,

I wore it and was awestruck with surprise,

The night turned into a bright sunrise,

Fearless was I with no hesitation,

Bold, beautiful with a happy emotion,

I turned my eyes to find those shining eyes,

But they had disappeared into the skies,

I wonder from where this angel came from,

Just to rescue me from the awaited storm?

All that I have now is his cloak with me,

His shining eyes in the memories of sea,

I wish he had waited for a while, see my evergreen smile!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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