We are humans too!

“Be a man!”(Oh! So being a woman is something shameful right?😣)..

“The cave man was a hunter and gatherer..” (So it seems women did not exist that time!Or were women cave wives that time and could not hunt or gather food ??🤣)

Wait! I am sure you must have wondered why am I quoting such random sentences. If you read the first sentence you will surely say it refers to the masculine gender and if you refer the second you will say it refers to human beings in general.

So did you realize? Even the language doesn’t acknowledge the existence of a woman…it rather treats women as special creatures rather than human beings by generalizing humans as men. What can we expect from the society when the language itself is so sexist?

Give it a thought 🙂

Happy Thinking!!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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22 thoughts on “We are humans too!

  1. To be honest, “Be a man is a stereotypical bullshit. It’s a false notion and I hate it. Everyone has emotions and a right to express.
    Being a woman isn’t shameful but gender stereotyping is.
    Great post.

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  2. Interesting. I never noticed that about the word human. Thank you. I, personally, expect individual and collective evolution… but, maybe my expectations are too high. I’m shocked that sexism and racism and all the other isms are even a thing still. I keep wondering how long hucreatures (there, I fixed it) need to be on the earth before we aren’t scared anymore.


  3. …well, looking at this word play I noticed that wo-men are a “More” or “Plus”…I would say, we are an upgrade of a defective prototype! 😉

    All the things men are able to do, we can do as well – and we are even more capable. We are able to give birth. We are physically fitter, our life expectancy is 6 – 10 years higher than the one of men. And sorry…but statistics prove, that women are academically and socially more successful than men.

    Muscle power? Physical strength is of no relevance in post-industrial societies anymore.
    There seems to be a reason why men thwart women globally…They are afraid of us and dependent on us.

    Finally, why shall we accept any restriction of our way of living due alleged “protection” reasons? No, the (potential) offenders and predators needs to be restricted, removed, isolated and sanctioned….and not the women as (potential) victims.


      1. In my view, words don`t matter so much.

        I simply wanted to outine that we shouldnt hide our light under a bushel!
        I think, it is most important to become economically independent from men to have a choice.
        Another essential issue is to become emotionally independent not only from acknowledgement by men but also to be able to resist social pressure (incl. family demands & traditions). Thanks god the role of women in Northern Europe / Scandinavia is traditionally the one of a partner at eye level. Our problems started with the forced introduction of Christianity that degrades women. Beyond doubt, WWI and in particular WWII had a positive impact on women
        s rights. Many men were killed, seriously injured / handicapped or stayed for years in war prisons…and the majority of men who came back home were mentally sick and disfunctional for years. Germany was totally destroyed. To put it in a nutshell, the women managed the families, run all businesses, the reconstruction of the cities and all kind of infrastructure. The men and male migrants stepped in later when the economy started to recover.. This fact is almost forgotten today. It is hushed up. Proposals to build up memorials in different cities to acknowledge the outstanding performance, resilience and will power of the WWII women (like my grandmas) are refused in most cases.
        In my view, it is very imporatnt to these memories, feamle achievements and history to enable next generations of women to tie to these early achievements instead of starting from the beginnings again and again.


  4. As I understand it the words woman and man originate from Old English. Man was originally the term for an adult human of either gender, while wif-man meant a female and were-man was a male. Over time wif-man became woman while the “were” disappeared and so man became the term for an adult human male. Interestingly the word girl originally meant a pre-pubescent child of either gender. I mention all this as it not understood how these words came to be. Yes the word “man” is in woman, but that’s because it originally meant something else. This was explained to me by someone who knew Old English when this point came up before.

    But yes it does bother me when people, usually males, uses the word man as a collective term for both men and women, I always use the word human or humanity instead.

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      1. Bengali has a genderless third person subject. English doesn’t. I’m not sure I’d call Bengali culture less patriarchal simply because of this difference, or vice versa. Think about it.


  5. Great post. I feel gender roles are outdated and harmful; they hurt both genders. As a man who relates better to females and is more sensitive; I sometimes feel shamed at expressing my feelings so much; it is seeing as unmanly but I am beginning to see it more as a strength


  6. I was raised and still consider myself a cowboy, By default that makes me a tough guy. What that means is I can work from day to night, in the most adverse conditions. Get tossed off a horse, you get up, get your hat, pulls that cactus thorns from your butt (every horse I ever got thrown off of always seemed to wait till there a cactus patch handy to toss me into), and get back on. I can rope, ride, brand, fix fence, whatever it takes.

    Oddly, most of the cowgirls I know are just as tough and hard working as I am. There’s not a one of them that can’t handle what I can do. Most of these cowboys and cowgirls are husbands and wives. She can fix fence, he can make cookies. She can Doctor a cow. He can diaper a baby. Or visa versa. It all depends on what needs to be done at the moment. The thing is they’re partners in this little thing called life, and their very much equals. Even in terms of danger they’re equals. Something may be threatening, the man may be out there with a 30-30, but guess who’s standing right next to him with a shotgun.


  7. There is a time and place for, “Be a man” and if you don’t understand it, you’ve never faced the responsibility of being in that time and place.
    Above are just words, but there is an essence to what that statement means.
    If a woman can excel in those situations as a majority of the population then the statement should be changed to, “Be a woman.”
    The fact is that one who has confidence to step up in those situations is more concerned about the outcome than the semantics of the words being used.


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