The virtual ‘YOU’

I opened my moist eyes. It was pitch dark. My feet were frozen and I couldn’t step ahead. I tried again and I fell down on my knees. My knees hurt and bled. I remembered your helping hand that supported me whenever I fell. You had taught me how to stand on my feet when all went against me. It was you who had given me an air of confidence, strength and courage that emamanated from self realization. But now, you were no more there, to see my tears that dissolved in the obscure darkness.

I closed my eyes and saw your face lit with your shining eyes. The light of motivation fron those eyes made me feel more dauntless. I stood up with my closed eyes, feeling you; and filling you in the vacuum of your absence in my heart. The spirit in that moment bestowed a magical strength in me to walk the rocky path. I walked it like a feather floating in the air with ease. It numbed my pain and stopped the red flowing from my helpless feet.

Yes! The virtual you became my saviour. There was I, at the other end of the dark tunnel of my past. Suddenly the bright sunlight bathed me with bliss and tears rolled down my smiling face. The tears wanted to thank you but like always you vanished in thin air!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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