The other side of tearless eyes

Once upon a time I was very proud of being an emotional person. I considered emotions to be the only sign of liveliness. On the other hand I always saw practicality as heartlessness.

As I saw more life, I realized that emotions have invited numerous scars on my heart. When I cherished extreme pleasure I also suffered from intense pain. I wasted many good moments of my life nursing the wounds of my bleeding heart. I chose smiles over tears…yes I chose happiness!!

I disciplined my emotions to protect my heart. Slowly and steadily I took baby steps away from my dreamworld and got more practical day by day. I had begun to explore the other side of emotions which was being practical.

As time passed, I smiled more effortlessly and my eyes hardly dropped a tear even when I was in intense grief.

That was the time I saw the pain hidden behind many tearless eyes…

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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23 thoughts on “The other side of tearless eyes

  1. Nice. What can I say more? There are many things that I would like to say upon this. I do both, agree and disagree on some of the points. But anyway, this was good. Written from the depth of your heart. I’d say you had this bottled up inside you and you wanted the world to know how you felt. Am I right or am I right?

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  2. …of course, it is helpful to nourish optimism but Ive to disappoint you. It is not possible to choose, select and therefore oppress undesirable feelings in the long run. Our subconsciousness wont forget. Unfortunately, it is dominating our perceptions, our evaluations, think- and behavioral patterns. To uncover these patterns and to identify the underlying hidden emotions and triggers for a constructive management of emotions is the core of all business models millions of therapists, addiction clinics and psychatries are living from.

    This approach to deal with negative emotions is actually the highspeed train heading to mental problems and legal/illegal drug abuse (e.g. alcohol, cocaine, happymaking pills etc. but also overeating, not-eating, overdosis of sports, workoholics, excessive shopping and so on) .

    Denial can be a short-term psychological defense mechanism for self-protection but it might lead to more severe issues long-term.
    Unfortunately, the answer to the question: how to gain emotional balance cannot simplified so easily.

    In this case, I definetely cannot “follow” you at all.

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      1. The dosis makes up the poison, of course. People with serious problems cannot be helped with an advise to choose positive emotions. I simply tried to differentiate a bit.

        “Think pink!” is okay for others.
        Nice to hear that you belong to the latter. Stay awesome and enjoy your life!

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  3. I have shed tears behind closed doors and faked a smile outside.But with time I realised with the tears a lot of pain and useless feelings for undeserving people also was washed away.
    Beautiful writing.


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