A part of you is forever mine

There you walk in the hostile crowd, you are always very one with it. You feel aloof and alone sometimes, please don’t say no, I have noticed it!

The true you is hidden, behind the new fancy face you wear.

But the fake people who surround you, about the ‘real you’, they never care.

So I wanted the real part of you which I seeked, hidden behind your fancy face.

I searched for it when I saw those glistening eyes which lit my heart there.

I saw it when you tried to douse the flame of your love,

Just because my eyes caught it burning in my love?

But even before you did it,

I took it the flame away with me, It was loyal and warms me up when I need,

Then I saw a serene smile that made your heart mine,

And that was when I found that real ‘you’!

Before you knew,

My eyes imprisoned that pure heart of yours,

It was then I stole a part of you!

If you ever feel like facing your reflection in its purest form,

To find and meet the lost true ‘you’,

Walk towards me away from the crowd,

Touch my heart and there you will see …

The ‘you’ , you are searching for!

That missing part of you, that you have left behind,

Is with me, and is forever mine!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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12 thoughts on “A part of you is forever mine

  1. And what if you only project something on him – a “you” – that you desire but which is no part of his personality? I cannot help myself, it sounds like you idealize someone because the writer ( “I” perspective) is not able to face the fact that he/she fell in love tzo someone who is not worth it. Maybe, the personality he/she showed is his/her true self.
    And if there should be another “true” or hidden personality, it is not relevant at all. You have to accept a person like he has chosen to be in real life.
    It a huge mistake of many women to think you can heal, change or educate a grown-up man.

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