We are humans first!

Celebrations are going on…showers of posts on facebook, whatsapp, twitter, newspapers, television and where not? The pink is in the air! Everyone is speaking about the multitasker ‘super woman’. She is a ‘super woman’ today and just a ‘woman’ the other days. Isn’t it the time to tell people how special you are but the time to ask people to treat you like a human?

It’s the time to ask men to understand gender balance at home and appreciate gender diversity at workplace. It is the time for men and women to unite as humans and serve personal as well as professional fronts by making the best of gender specific competencies.

It is the time for men to understand the ‘extra’ biological responsibility of motherhood that the nature has bestowed on this gender and treat it as a blessing for the human race. It is the time to share responsibilities so that ‘she’ is not deprived of all that she deserves due to this ‘extra responsibility’.

Even today, the workplaces are highly male dominated. Men at home or office do not acknowledge woman as human but treat women as intellectually disabled creature. That’s probably the reason why more men are hired then women. When women outperform men at home as well as in their professional lives men call them as ‘exceptions’. Women who succeed are appreciated but still they are appreciated for being execptionally good despite being a ‘woman’ but not for being good as a ‘human’.

So everything comes down not to the need to celebrate woman hood but the very dire need to establish an identity for a woman as a ‘human’.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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15 thoughts on “We are humans first!

  1. These are difficult issues to balance. When I was in my teens, my sister told me that she wanted it all: motherhood, career, influence. I looked her in the eyes and said “I think it’s really important for SOMEONE to be at home with the children for the first five years of their lives.” She assumed that I meant the mother, and I don’t know that she’s ever really forgiven me.

    I believe that the world is the way it is in part because until recently there wasn’t much of a choice. Mothers that had to stay at home created pressures that forced men to seek dominance in the workplace, and looked at the woman in the workplace as a threat to their men. I’m glad that era is drawing to a close, and in particular that the technology exists for all of us to express ourselves without having to find a place to meet and toady up to the scheduler for speakers.


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