I miss…’US’

“I could never say ‘I miss you!’. The very reason is ‘I miss you’ is too shallow! Missing someone is so complex!

Missing is not just about the rememberence of the flashbacks of butterflies in stomach, exciting eyemeets, long deep dives in eyes, shy gazes and often those eyeshifts to the floor.

It’s more than feeling again those accidental body brushes and the intentional warm loving touches and yes those goosebumps coming up just with the anticipation of a possiblity of touch in proximity!!

Missing is that single word or a single thing is powerful enough to open doors to series of incidents in past that invite an avalanche of memories. This avalaunch freezes you instantly taking you far away from the present and enlivening the lively memories in the past.

Moments shared and feelings empathized deepen the impact on the heart which becomes unerasable. The incredible understanding between the hearts makes the missing deeper and intense!

Missing is more like living a parallel life in a virtual world which colours the present even more beautifully than the past

So … I never wanted to say ‘I miss you’. I always miss everything that makes me remember ‘us’ !!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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20 thoughts on “I miss…’US’

  1. Very beautiful. It is amazing how complex emotions are and how the simplicity of words strung together can never give a single heart felt moment the space it deserves. I am reminded of the poet Dante in reading your post . How one chance meeting, one single moment in the life of a person can create volumes of poetry about the patience and perseverance needed to sink, dwell, and transcend within the power of love. Thank you for reminding g me of this on this gracious day.


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