Loosen happiness boundaries

‘Life & happiness’ has always been my favorite topic to think and talk all the time. Pursuit of happiness is a continuous process which leaves us with infinite revelations. I would like to share a recent thing that enlightened me when my life took one of the worst roller coaster rides.

We always have set ideas to define our happiness. The situations in our life may change but the ideas don’t. Perhaps it is the reason most of us overexpect from our lives.

Those boudaries that define our happiness trouble us so much when life takes you through the worst. Then it’s the deficit that teaches the real value of happiness and loosens these happiness boundaries.

Deficit plays wonders in life to bring happiness! Just imagine, when we have multiple options to eat, we become a super food critic but when we are hungry and have nothing, whatever reaches our hand that gives us real satisfaction.

Deficit brings in light the value of things you had before. When the simple things that you don’t value no longer exist, you feel a huge vacuum and a deep sense of grief. On the other hand, if you let your happiness ideas mould in the most tough times you learn to find happiness in grabbing trivial moments that are rare to get in difficult times.

Change for the good and keep smiling ☺️

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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37 thoughts on “Loosen happiness boundaries

  1. Awesome….
    What it describes it that human nature is relative in terms of happiness….. so always looking at those who got less than you in this world …. makes us thankful for what we have and that brings us deep satisfaction and pure happiness…..
    Really great….

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  2. Frankly speaking…I don`t want to offend anybody… I think, striving for happiness can be “overbearing” (I am not sure if the term fits…) and a bit immature.

    Life is no rose garden. And without any downs, there are no ups. To become an intellectual and emotional flat-liner, circling around your own belly-button and living in a bubble, cannot be the target.

    You will need to waste a lot of energy and talent to deny and ignore reality with all its serious challenges…like climate change, corruption, trade wars, armed wars, migration crisis, rise of fascist autocrats and populism etc.
    It needs revolt in order to trigger action for change / improvement …and no happy consumers, credit card addicts and corporate slaves.

    Maybe, I am a bit frustrated today. Sorry. And of course, I do not want to be a grinch and too pessimistic. But at the time, I don`t want to listen top romantic love songs or read shallow poetry, life style tips of self-proclaimed coaches and recipes …or look at decorative arts without message anymore.

    Am I the only person who feels like that at the time? Possibly, it is an European trend only….I don`t know.

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      1. Thank you, Chitkala.
        It is important to me that you know that it was not my intent to criticize you in person.
        Possibly, I need a break from world news…in particular from EU, Trump, Brexit and from fascist right-wing parties.
        Up to now, I couldn`t find a way to engage more or effectively participate in politics and social issues. I am still researching.
        But in my view, it is high time to stand up….

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    1. I agree that there is a cycle of happiness! Happiness always follows sorrow and sorrow follows happiness. No situation ever remains the same and hence the concepts of happiness and sorrow in relativity become blurred. I would rather say, it is the change what matters. Happiness at one point of time could be sorrow at the other. It’s all relative and depends on how you think.

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