Coloring the dreams

Dedicated to my dad..
Late Dr. Ashutosh Mulye

Everyday I meet you in my dreams,

The dreams in bits and pieces,

I hear your silence,

I see your smiles,

Smiles and silence that dissolve in the dark…

The black and white stories,

I see them linkless,

Remembering them over and over,

Then I add some colour,

To the black and white in the dark,

Adding more of life to it,

Making it alive once again,

Too real to be true,

Making them ever green..

Then I meet you again,

During the day when alone,

Living those live memories,

Of your long lasting dreams…

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)


18 thoughts on “Coloring the dreams”

  1. This piece is soo heart-warming!!
    I know no loss can be as painful as the decease of the ones you dearly loved. I know there will be no comfort giver like him, neither can anybody fill in the void your father’s demise has left in your heart. But just know that he’s always watching over you with those gentle smiles of pride and love for her daughter! May God always be with you Chitkala!😊


  2. Since I am, myself, in what our famous Canadian scientist, Dr. David Suzuki, calls the ‘Death Zone’, I have been losing many friends and loved ones. One never gets used to the idea and it is always a painful loss. Lovely tribute…..


  3. Beautifully poured out daughter’s love …his loss can never be filled …his memories are priceless and his love too.


    The first man in my life
    The first man who loves me most
    The first man I feel the warmth of his comfort
    The first man who looks after my needs
    The first man who understands me feelings
    The first man I trust and rely on the most
    With his loss …I will loose a part of me.
    He says I am an inseparable part of his heart


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