Beauty and the beast

(This is a symbolic poem based on the fairy tale ‘Beauty and the beast’ . It shows how love can cure the negatives in a person caused by the situations and conditions in life. No man is good or bad..the situations make him that way)

She knew the dark chambers of his heart,

She knew his million shades of grey,

She understood well the monster in him,

It was the fire with which she had to play;

He never revealed the real truth inside,

For he was scared to let her know,

He was sure she would abhor him then,

She was not ready for the very big blow;

His heart wasn’t wicked but his face ugly,

It was the game played by the destiny,

Trapping his goodness in a man so devil,

So horrible, disgusting and uncanny;

But she knew him and he didn’t know her,

She was the fairy who was there to free,

She kissed the beast making him hers,

Freeing him to embrace the magical glee;

The sincere unconditional love so true,

Determined to make him clean and pure,

Melting the dark sinful evil unholy,

Into an adorable, lovable heart forever.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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81 thoughts on “Beauty and the beast

  1. ….millions of women worldwide fell prey to the illusion that they are beautiful princesses who are able to transform a beast to a loving man and partner….that their love will heal and fill the void within their insecure, emotional or even physical abusive, narcissistic and possessive men.
    No you cannot change a grown-up man. A beast remains a beast. Your love wont transform him. Leave him alone and go on with your life. You dont need a man who is a beast / is not good for you, doesnt add any value to your life and consumes your life energy.
    I don
    t like this fairy-tale message at all, to be honest.

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      1. Of course, there are many interpretations possible. In psychology, fairy tales are often used to uncover unhealthy relationships and family constellations….maybe, I am a bit prestressed.
        But it is great to exchange views. Thx for sharing.


      2. I agree with you kindness is so important – even the smallest gesture might “save the world”. In my view, you are able to give/share / forward only “things/experiences/emotions” that you have received.
        If you never experienced kindness, chances that you won`t be able to be generous, emphatic and kind towatrds others are big.


      3. Yes, I know the concept. In Germany, jurisdiction and law enforcement is not about penalty only. The target is to re-socialize criminals to enable them to become a value-adding member of society again.


      4. Personalities don`t change in most cases but if somebody is aware of his deficits, and is motivated, he can learn to control himself and manage his deficits in order not to hurt others or violate rules.
        The behavior might change but not the person himself.


  2. Read various posts from Your blog. Smart choice of words. The wordplay between the lines is wonderful in all Your posts that I have read so far. Have you considered writing a book with chapters comprising of your poems? I am asking this because I am writing a Novel and the characters within my story could be groomed with your talent. Let me know either way if You are interested or not. Good day to You!

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      1. That’s cool and exciting. Best wishes to both Your writings as well as Your future successful publications of the said writings. Looking forward to see them in book stores or as e-books. You are most welcome. Few years ago, I used to write short stories and poems for free for kindergarten students as a social cause and then You know, life catches up where your focus is required elsewhere. Waiting to write for little kids again. I am from India too. I should be addressing You as DiDiπŸ™‚


      2. Thank You didi…Sure, will do! … if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to stay connected through the contact from Gravatar, to seek your guidance or help with your writings and publications if any. I’d love to be part of your art journey.


  3. Awesome.very well.written.
    M new to blogging.request u to check my posts and give your valuable input.would highly appreciate it.Thanks


  4. (This is a symbolic poem based on the fairy tale β€˜Beauty and the beast’ . It shows how love can cure the negatives in a person caused by the situations and conditions in life. No man is good or bad..the situations make himΒ that way)
    Lovely πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ€“πŸ€“


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