I won strength

You see my strength and not the pain,

You don’t see my loss but just my gain,

You see me smile and my happy face,

But the scars hidden, you may never trace,

My eyes are dry, now they dare not weep,

My hidden wounds lie in my heart so deep,

They have healed, but still bleed red today,

This dread red carried my innocense away,

I miss my serenity, I miss me naive,

But this was what once helped me survive,

How I wish I were so pure and clean,

But I lost my purity when I fought the mean,

I unveiled the truth taking the blood bad,

I bathed in this red though it drove me mad,

I fought for the right exposing the wrong,

Thus I won the battle standing rock strong.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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40 thoughts on “I won strength”

  1. “I have done my graduation in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in HR. However, my heart finds its way to the world of art. ” ~Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)

    It is inevitable, how else will thy heart and soul dance? The mind cannot create Art, it can only perceive it. There is a river of infinte creativity flowing within us all, straight from the MASTERPIECE.

    When we think, the river of creativity begins to trickle, the spirit of Eternity has no time or need to think, it simply flows as our minds follow. Art is born.


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