Sleepy cuddles

There she lies beside him with open eyes searching him in the dark. He is lying down on the bed snoring and sleeping sound. His eyes tired with the day’s work are helplessly asleep. What separates them on the cosy little bed is the small distance that is needed to allow him a comfortable sleep.

Unable to sleep, feeling lonely she tries to reach out his hand. The moment her hand touches his, his fingers curl up to hold hers. In his deep sleep he shifts towards her and puts a heavy sleepy hand on her. He pats her on her forehead, he pets her like a child and plants a clumsy sleepy kiss on her cheek. He tries to lull her to sleep even when he is deep down in his dreams. He pulls her even closer in his arms. Wrapping her with his strong muscular boughs tight enough for a sweet suffocation. He tries to comfort her more. His tired sleep is also aware about what she is going through and he attempts to relax her. His heart knows even in this deep sleep that her sleepless waiting eyes in the dark would still be awake for this warm cuddle…

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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