Love…a strength

“Love is a waste of time it only makes you weaker and vulnerable..” This is what those deprived of love in life say. They restrain themselves from letting their emotions flow building a shell around their hearts. They don’t let themselves get drenched in the feelings and remain dry and emotionless.

Love is eternal and a universal not accepting the beauty of love shows a hidden fear of not being loving…a fear of being rejected.

This one is dedicated to all those emotionless hearts who don’t dare to love, who call the weakness of inability to love as their strength and play around this fallacy.

Open up, experience, face rejections, be strong and one day you will end up being loved and will realize the comfort in the strength of love. Embrace true love, explore the courage it will bestow and let your feelings fly untouched heights with the strong wings of love..

Cheers to love!!!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

47 thoughts on “Love…a strength

  1. When we get hammered in life there are always two events that stand out in the darkness in two worlds, two in the physical realm and two in the spiritual realm. Breathe life with your hands to bring them together to your mind body and spirit. There you will find immortality of Love or you will Die forever. One is equal to 777 the other is minus 1, 666. You forgot your First Love.

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  2. I do agree that love is powerful and an amazing feeling to experience. My favorite reference is the love between God and his son. But the rest of us know out worth and strength but haven’t yet experienced the love that we deserve! So that in turn makes us reserved and place a shield around our hearts! I believe in it just haven’t found it

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  3. Its hard to take it that everything comes with both good and bad sides,, but we want only happiness, comfort, etc ,,, but don’t we know that without their counterpart their existence won’t ever please us anyways,, I loved your thought ful writ,,,

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  4. We get our first love from a wrong person and our second love always gets from a right person in wrong situations.. great written.. lovely post .. love is a strength not a weakness ..😁😁

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  5. They dont have emotionless hearts I think
    Their hearts r filled with negative emotions, fear,anger,resentment or previous bad experiences I feel..coz only a negative person can run away from love.

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