Out of coverage area..

How many of you believe in telepathy? There was a time I did not believe in it too..However, there were some sentimental moments when I was proved wrong.

Lying on the bed with heart full of intense emotions for some loved one, I used to express my emotions before I slept. When I badly missed someone or I wanted to convey my feelings but couldn’t speak to the one, I tried it this way. The wonder was magical! I got the intended result as if I had spoken to a real person may be in a text, a call or a meet up. The person about whom I thought so intensely responded to my silent self talk in some or the other way.

That was the time I fell in love with this heart to heart connection. The intense feelings in my heart always found a way to the heart I used to think of.

Change is so inevitable that things changed with time. This love network got so poor.. Now all I hear from the dark silence is …”the person you re trying to reach is out of coverage area!”

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)


24 thoughts on “Out of coverage area..

      1. Telepathy; a ‘ meeting of the minds’ per se is really no different than communication via radio waves. Consistent with both religous and scientific theory; though not as yet accepted in either: thoughts are charged with energy, or even more specifically so – are energy, or a form of energy. They travel similarly to electromagnetic energy (or light) as waves with wavelength and frequency.
        Telepathy is part of the 4th dimension – a consciousness realm that most people are, as of yet, uneasy with.
        I have an additional theory: there is one form of energy that travels faster than light. Thought.
        Thoughts arrive before you get there – and are there waiting at the door to welcome you into the whatever mind- dream you’ve had.
        This is why it is important to train the mind to full mental maturity. The core principle being personal accountability – as this is a free will universe.

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  1. Telepathy thoughts are Evolutionary they always have a Beginning an and End. Creation is returning to your First Love then it falls outside the realm of Evolution. It reverses the Direction of the Beginning and End to extend outwards in all directions.


  2. Love when this happens !!… I always love to believe people God has put this person in my heart and vice versa and it’s always an amazing thing when I’d receive a message from the person or a visit saying I was on their mind as well !! 👍🏾


  3. I personally don’t think so, that time can change Love.
    Well in love, the couple goes in a deep intense relationship as it gets old. like old wine.
    Well, it is changing, it means, we can not define it as “LOVE”.
    it could be just lust or attraction or compromises only from both sides, but definitely not love.

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  4. Chitkala,

    When I read your post, I quivered. Why did I experience a brief, pleasant, shake?
    Well, the Taurat (Quran, sura 5 (Al-Ma’ida), ayat 4), the Injil (Quran, sura 57 (Al-Hadid), ayah 27), and the Quran (Quran, sura 42 (Ash-Shura), ayah 13) all speak of love’s permeating, transcending, and everlasting potential of its power.

    This is the same love that has the the potential power to reach someone – such as through the strong outcry of your loving thoughts, Chitkala – although it may have manifested itself to the one reached as a gentle touch on his or her shoulder or a slight breeze (kiss) on her or his cheek. This is the same love that has the power to resurrect your loving father, and my beloved brother (Jonathan who just died 7/21/19), into Paradise.

    Lastly, I quivered because of the expressions of love (in all your posts) as if to find the truth of “divine love” through direct personal experience with a lover or perhaps even with God Himself – that is so rarely expressed in the world, today.

    “It will happen afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; And your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams. Your young men will see visions. (Taurat; Joel 2:28)

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  5. Telepathy, the ‘meeting of minds’ per se, is really no different than communication via radio waves. Consistent with both religious and scientific theory, but not yet accepted by either: thought is a form of energy, or more specifically yet – is energy; and travels much the same way as electromagnetic energy (or light) – as waves with wavelengths and frequencies.
    Telepathy is part of the consciousness realm of the 4th dimension; an area which many people are, as of yet, uneasy with.
    I have an additional theory:
    There is one form of energy that travels faster than light. Thought. Thought will arrive before you get there; and be there waiting at the door of whatever mind-dream you’ve had.
    This is why it is important to train the mind into full mental maturity.
    At the core of all this is personal accountability – as this is a free will universe.

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  6. Hi, Chitkala.

    Thank you for writing about topics that are interesting. To an ignorant man, which every individual is born in ignorance, as he grows up not spiritually mature yet. He hears and learns terms that are ‘copy cat’s or ‘cheap imitation knock off’s of the real thing’ – and that is exactly what many terms in the metaphysical realm are- like ‘telepathy’. It impresses the young minds of many, but young minds are EASILY impressed. Just like a child is when read fairy tale story in a book. Now 20 years later, I realize, telepathy is a fancy word for ‘spiritual discernment’ , I dont think it has nothing to do with the mind/brain.. and everything to do with the spirit. The beauty of the Spirit of Almighty Creator flows like a clear steady stream of pure water. The water flows without regard to mind, free from it, there is no need to ‘think’ which can ‘clog’ up the flow of the pure stream. ‘Thinking’ does just that, it tends to add ‘clog’ after clog and before you realize it there is a dam and the water has stopped flowing through you. In the moments of harmony, ALL is magnified, beautified, synchronized, and is there as a counselor, friend, fellow brother or sister in creation, nature shifts into the realm of extraodinary miracles. —- to those currently in metaphysical practices- ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… A member of a philosophical school once proudly said to me, “Our system of metaphysics is the most perfect and the most complicated in the world.” I discovered how complicated it was by becoming involved in it and then pursuing the process of disentanglement back to the facts of life, simplicity, and freedom.

    I have since learned how better to utilize my energy and occupy my time in the pursuit and practice of those virtues that are firm and sure, rather than to waste it in the spinning of the pretty but unsubstantial threads of metaphysical cobwebs. ……………………………………………………………….. the metaphysical practices drawn so many in, and ‘appear’ to help, but do nothing more than entangle them in webs until they cannot see what is truly going on, and who they are operating under. Have a good day Chitkala.

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