Motherhood from a different perspective

The foundation of motherhood is laid in the adolescent age of a girl when she has her menses for the first time. Initially accepting the fact that this will be there throughout her life is very difficult to digest..She feels its a curse on womanhood and eventually accepts it.

One fine day she gets pregnant. Overjoyed with the happiness perhaps she realizes that the whole effort was only for this happiness. Then the pregnancy shows her new colours of sweet suffering. Then comes the labour…she takes the whole pain in stride and delivers the little bundle of joy!!

It is then she feels, the pain was worth it when her ears hear the first cry of her dear soul. Her soul and heart feel pleased after experiencing the suckling full of love when she nurses her dear munchkin.

The story doesn’t end here…there are more sleepless nights and more sacrifices to come…she still takes them in her stride again for the smile on her little one’s face…

This is the story of every mother on this earth. Till here every one would agree with me.

But has anyone thought the other way round? The nature chose the female for this…the pains came first and the happiness later. She never chose this life. The male gender never had a choice too choose her life too! She got adjusted with this life, enjoyed the pains, made the best of the opportunity but just because she was bestowed with it.

Some women cursed the birth a female while some found it a blessing right from the very beginning. So why overstate the greatness of motherhood…no doubt it is worth a salute but it was given to her ..yes indeed a blessing..but she never chose it!! Being a mother is certainly not easy but she had to accept the tough path and not choose it. If you don’t agree with my thoughts I have a many men would choose to become a woman and take up all these responsibilities…a few men would do so..I am sure…but there could be a few women who would choose to give it up too…!!

I believe, all women should be proud of the motherhood but certainly not overstate its greatness!!

Cheers to motherhood and cheers to honesty!!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

61 thoughts on “Motherhood from a different perspective

  1. I loved this article. Agreed, that man does not have a choice, and a woman does not have a choice too. The only thing I can say a man should join her wife to understand what she is feeling while she is pregnant. Because man can not able to feel that. The only feelings shared by her is the only an asset for a husband. So both do not have a choice but to compromise on GOD’s will and enjoy the moments.

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  2. I love what you have written here. It is true and honest. I agree with what you have said. My mother never wanted babies or motherhood at all, therefore tried to abort me but I am here to tell the tale! But to know always that you were not wanted is a terrible thing. She could not choose either, and this is how it all goes wrong. I like the honesty here. Apologies if I have made any mistakes in my writing but I am blind

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      1. You are very very welcome. Mi liked your openbess too. It is a part of this subject that is not often spoken about. But it should be 😊

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  3. Speaking of honest…
    I’m ready also not yet ready for motherhood and no idea when I will be ready. But,
    I guess when it happens I’ll be there able to accept it happily 😊
    Again post was very niceπŸ‘

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  4. Nature has made women so much better than men , capable of handling all this.. but they end up demanding to be equal to men .. why do you aim to come down to a lower level…? Men may not be capable of handling this ever


  5. Hi there: I’m old enough to assure you you will not menstruate forever, not to worry. And yes, motherhood can be a blessing and sometimes not at all. I love my children, but wouldn’t want to go through the years of raising them again. All the best.

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  6. β€œLo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” ~ (Psalm 127:3) Children are a mixed blessing right from the start as you have as good as said, but ultimately it is really good to know that they come from God, all part of God’s plan for your life and their life and even the little lives to come from their life.


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