The sea of your love

I float on the sea of your love,
Gliding on the waves of care,
Swinging on the breezy moments,
Pleasantly wet in your sultry air;

Wrapped in the sea blanket of love,
Your comforting hands guide me,
Feeling lively in your charming splash,
Of the vast, engulfing love like the sea,

I get drenched in the high tides of love,
Blending with your water warm,
Finding your emotions and thoughts,
Feeling peaceful, contented, and calm;

I swim in the serenity of your love,
Experiencing an evergreen eternal bliss,
Witnessing the union of two souls,
Divine deep into your love abyss ..

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

47 thoughts on “The sea of your love

  1. Words of “love’s abundance” (for two), yet healing others a time of scarcity.
    May it be so.
    Sea of your love,
    waves of care,
    a blanket of love,
    comforting hands
    of the vast,
    engulfing love,
    like the sea,

    Get drenched,
    in the high tides of love,
    feeling peaceful,
    contented, and calm;

    Swim in the serenity of love,
    experiencing evergreen of eternal bliss,
    witnessing the union of souls,
    the divine’s deep love …

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      1. Well I read only 2 of them as of now,, and I found them really great,, will comment on others after reading them, just hitting a like with out reading isn’t me,, lol! But I know many people do,, just liking all the posta in 1 minute,, I find it funny,,,


  2. stopped by to say Hello. because I like you, and your work. …. ‘experiencing an everblue eternal bliss’ your work is like a clock swiss,…. perfect, always on time… thank you for polishing me like a shiny new dime…

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