How I wish ..

I wish to surrender my body,

I wish to gift you my soul,

When I burn in your fire again,

With a hope to become a whole;

I try to close my tearful eyes,

With a hope to see you again,

To show those pieces of heart,

Shattered in rejection and pain;

I crave for your passionate touch,

I crave for your desire once,

I wish to see those sparks again,

Like when you fell for me once;

I wish I held that charm over you,

When your eyes were just into me,

Saying, “I am yours and only yours”,

When it was just always all about me;

I wish I could ask for your heart,

I wish I could take your soul,

I wish we could be forever one,

Making the shattered me a whole.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

49 thoughts on “How I wish ..

  1. Wonderful ! Liked and shared. Take care.

    How I wish ..

    click on :… via @chitkaladitosh

    |#poetry #poem #poet #poetess ##thoughts……

    β€” Outosego (@outosego) September 06, 2019


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