The shelter of darkness

The scary stark light very bright,

Is the reason behind my fright;

The darkness you find fearful,

Dresses me pretty and beautiful;

Afraid I am to face myself in light,

For I will lose my optimistic sight;

The dark is understanding and kind,

It makes me feel pretty when I am blind;

This darkness creates a blissful paradise,

Enjoying freedom with no need to back lies;

The darkness downs my tears I try to hide,

Allowing my fake face mask to slide;

Making me beautiful, confident and bold,

Setting soul free and enlivening multifold.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

51 thoughts on “The shelter of darkness

  1. very beautifully written…

    together with the genuineness/mask post.

    instead of staying in my darkness I take my mask off from the very beginning. it usually catches others off guard and within a second you know from their reaction, their face or body gestures, from what they say, who they are.

    it reveals immediately who they are. so then I know and I “manage” them accordingly, the nasty ones I mean.

    of course you need to take of your mask tactfully, cleverly, so that you don’t endanger your life or what you want to achieve. you ask a question. you say something which you value a lot, but know it shouldn’t sound like a threat for them. and then you can see

    two months ago, I told to someone who hired me that I was very happy since I enjoyed the specific job a lot.

    she frowned and looked at me angrily and said “yes, but the money is good too”

    I said, yes….but I already knew who I’m dealing with. two months later I quit because she tried to screw me pay-wise over petty-cash while the customers were all extremely happy with me

    you write from your heart. I wish/hope you have found the space & environment where you can also live with your heart


  2. Good morning, This is by far my favorite poem of yours. I love the rhythm of it. Darkness have been translated as loneliness, sadness & fear. However, your poem presented a different view. The image added another layer to the poem; perfect choice. I would like to thank you for liking my blog post β€œGlimmering Glow Pearl πŸ’«πŸ˜”β€. It meant so much to me. Have a lovely day. 🌸


  3. Very interesting observation, as a Chaplain I feel I need point out the bible makes it clear man’s nature is to be drawn to the darkness and reject the light. One would think it would be the opposite.


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