The magic of motherhood

The moment I heard your soothing first cry,
My waiting heart heaved a relieved sigh;

Your hungry petals and searching eyes,
In no time knitted those forever love ties;

Our eyes met and your lips my love sought,
My pains sublimed and solace you brought;

My fountain of love emanated with your sight,
Tired I, held you to my bosoms close and tight;

Now just those coos, kaahs, hums but no cries,
My touch calming you and closing your eyes;

The river of my love quenched your lips’ thirst,
Satisfying your soul with new bonds of trust;

Coming out of my womb you gave me a new soul,
Transforming and completing me into a whole;

It was you who gave me a new birth of a mother,
Blossoming a different person in me altogether.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

Dedicated to my baby daughter 😘😘

48 thoughts on “The magic of motherhood

      1. Congratulations are in order dear! May this new phase in your life as a mother bring you nothing but joy and happiness and that you’ll make the best mother anyone could ask for.


  1. Congrats on your new baby girl! Your poem is beautiful and your words depict the joy that must be filling your heart and soul. What a lovely thought that is is our children who make us a mother!


  2. Congratulations!! And, WOW! This was one heart-warming piece of writing!😊❀ May your little angel be blessed with good health, sunshine, joy and love!! Happy Motherhood!❀


  3. Such a heartfelt expression……it was your re-birth along with your daughter’s birth…..many congratulations…more power to you


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