Nothing lasts long

When the hurricane and the hot sun,

The flower beds they wilt and burn;

Drying up trees lively lush green,

Destroying nature’s tranquility serene;

A destined wind takes the petals away,

Shaking the trees hard, making branches sway;

The memories hidden in the lifeless dry leaves,

Are roughly washed away from the trees;

The precious moments that you weave;

One day, behind you will have to leave,

Remember always, nothing lasts long,

Not even this woeful painful sad song;

In a new little body alive and whole,

Stays forever the eternal blissful soul;

Nothing will ever last for long,

Neither happy nor a woeful song.

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Aditosh ( Chitkala Mulye)

18 thoughts on “Nothing lasts long

  1. I enjoy this thought a lot. It is very lovely.

    I had a coincidental one today pop through my brain that I am working on comparing the difference of a tsunami to a stream that becomes a waterfall. After I retouch it some I will be sure to share it out for you as well.


  2. Great poem, Nothing lasts forever.. Smiles.. yes, there are some things that last forever, Change lasts forever, no matter what our situation, change happens, always. And God , the God of peace lasts forever.. .. and we will, as human beings,keep on growing and learning, no matter how old we are. Merry Christmas and peace to all.


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