The thundering heart like the cloud full of trapped emotions exploded with a big bang. It vanished in the brightness of the scorching sun leaving my eyes filled with darkness.

Time passed with the speed of light and soon the night spread its wings. The thoughts in my mind unclimbed the hurdle full cliff of my past and present.

These propelled into the jet black darkness of the vacuum of pain. Searching in the universe of torments the real me that vanished while struggling with the unexpected. They rushed to rescue the lost me from vanishing across the dimensions of time to bring me back to the surreal world. Then there rotating and revolving retrospectively on the rational orbits of different galaxies of my life they found me and my emotions trapped inside the love cage.

My thoughts lifted the love cage with ease and flew back to the surreal world. They gave me wings and there I flew away with my emotions far away from the cage of love.. independent yet full of life and sentiments!!

Copyright 2019 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Mulye)

17 thoughts on “Liberation!!

  1. Those warm words, they are like music to my ears. This is something I can relate to, in a most introspective way in moving forward to a peaceful and better way of living a happy life.– P. R.


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