My story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been a contraversial topic in India, socially as well as personally. Today I feel like sharing how the feelings about this day changed as I went through different phases of my life.

When I stepped into my teenage, I always wanted to find someone with whom I could celebrate this day. Whenever I saw couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, I longed for doing the same.

Then I found the love of my life and I felt he would enjoy celebrating this day too. Sadly, he was of the school of thought that ‘I love you every day, so I don’t wish to celebrate it on some day’. Initially, I was really disappointed but then I realized that I need not celebrate it only with my life partner. So I decided to celebrate it with my family, my pet, my friends, and everyone whom I loved. That year I celebrated it with my best friend.

As my relationship with my life partner progressed, on one such Valentine’s Day he gave me a surprise gift that I still cherish. I was very happy that finally he wanted to celebrate it too! But after that sweet gift, the ‘so called excitement’ of this day sublimed and I started feeling that some normal days feel even more exciting than a ‘Valentine’s Day’.

As love matured, the form of surprises and gifts changed from materialistic to emotional ones. I stopped waiting for ‘some day’ to celebrate when normal days got even more special when unplanned. As this V-day fever subsided after four years of my marriage, I realized that the unplanned days were full of love, emotional moments and charm.

Now, rather than planning for Valentine’s Day we prefer to celebrate most of our days together more like a Valentine’s Day when the love and charm are at their peaks!

Ofcourse, that doesn’t mean I am against V-day or something. I still feel it should be celebrated with zeal. So all the couples newly in love …celebrate this day and have fun. The first time moments don’t come again!! Once the ‘first-time’ moments are celebrated the time teaches you to prepare yourself to celebrate all the moments just like the first-time….well begun is half done👍

Happy Valentine’s Day😘😍🤩

18 thoughts on “My story of Valentine’s Day

  1. I agree with you and you partners approach to life and Valentines Day. My wife and I (married 24 years) celebrate being together most days. Like you, on Valentines day we like to share the love by acknowledging other couples love for each other… it is lovely seeing people in love 🙂


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