When we suffer in life, our heart gets caught under the dark clouds of negative feelings for those who were responsible for it. The moment we retrospect, the pain surfaces and clogs our happy thoughts. It blocks our way and stops us from moving ahead with positivity.

If we forget about who made us suffer, we also forget the lessons we learnt. So we must never forget our sufferings and who caused them.

What if we forgive those who were unjust to us? If we forgive such someones who were the spoilers of our life we would certainly feel lighter. It would reduce the burden on our heart. The pain would stop bothering our mind and would not affect our optimism in any way. It wpuld raise our self image without compromising with the learning from our negative experiences. Ultimately, it would take our soul to a higher level of maturity.

Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

35 thoughts on “Forgiveness

      1. I think ‘never’ is too strong. Trust that follows forgiveness is very situational (depends upon the wrong that is being forgiven) and very much a case by case process. For myself, while forgiveness is commanded by the Bible, trusting again is not. I think any person who has wronged another is capable of earning, and building trust again. The responsibility for that, of course, lies with the offender. You are right, though: forgiveness helps us mature and grow.

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      1. For me in all honesty I have been treated pretty cruelly in the past starting at the age of four. I have forgiven my abuser(s) but I have not forgotten. I still have days where I cry during a movie that triggers a memory. Some days come and I don’t even know what triggered the memories but I cannot stop crying. But it doesn’t happen often and when it does I have my beloved husband who comforts me. We are suppose to love our enemies, and I do pray for mine but I am not Christ, nor is any human. Love you my friend. Have a blessed day and may the sunshine keep you warm and smiling this day. Hugs Joni πŸ’•πŸ’•


  1. True but what they don’t stop hurting and keep coming back you try hard to get rid of them and regain control and again they are standing before you shattering you self esteem and confidence


  2. Yes, I totally agree with you. Holding a grudge can be really heavy on the soul sometimes and there’s such a relief once you move on and forgive those that did you wrong. It is hard to do, but it’s worth all the effort. Thanks for sharing such inspiring words!


  3. It’s difficult to forgive and forget people who hurt or betrayed us but it affects our lives also so it’s better to move on. When you forgive someone it gives a sense of relief. It’s good for peace of mind.


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