A soul meet

I shut my tired eyes,
I pronounce your name,
Swallowing a tear,
Slowly, loudly, and rhythmically,
I clearly pronounce your name,
My soul crosses the boundaries of space and time searching for you,
To ask you questions for which I have no answers,
For I know, there is only you who knows those,
I say your name aloud one more time,
I breathe in deep,
I swallow another tear,
I breathe out and call upon your name,
Trying to connect with your soul,
Perhaps you don’t hear my voice,
But now I know I will connect with you,
I open my eyes and breathe in again,
My heart is liberated and free,
I am refreshed and rejuvenated,
Stronger than you had ever imagined,
More energetic and confident,
More powerful and peaceful,
For your soul met mine,
Your soul whispered those answers to me,
And now my heart knows the answers I was searching for…

Copyright 2020 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)