I asked the tear

I asked the tear hiding in the corner of my eye,
“Where were you all these days?”
It said,
“I was waiting for that hand to stop me flow,
Which had never ever blocked my way”;

I asked the tear waiting in my eyes,
“How do u feel inside my eyes?”
It said,
“I wish, even I could shed a tear,
For the dried and the broken ties”;

I asked the tear peeping out of my eyes,
“How could you come out?”
It said,
“I broke out of the prison of yours,
Only when I heard your heart shout” ;

I asked the tear which was about to flow,
“How could you let yourself go?”
It said,
“The frozen feelings became melting memories,
If they can, why shouldn’t I flow?”.

Copyright 2020 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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