May I ask him

May I ask him once? Why I fell in his love, I was so independent, A peaceful free dove; May I ask him why? He bathed me in glee, Showing me dreams, Only him I could see; May I touch the moments, And hold them for long, Then shed a little tear, Though I am [...]

The fire of dreams

Your eyes spoke of our dreams, That your heart had lived once, Revealing the fantasy-like story, But forgot it in a hurry; The clouds had kissed the sea, The shore craved for the waves, The sun played with the rain, Hide& seek with the ‘yes-no’ game; Love showered the petals rose red During the evil [...]

The butterfly of joy

The colorful butterfly of joy flies, Heart to heart those have ties; The colors of mirth change with time, Leaving faces with fragrances divine; It stays for a moment on the little heart, Before you realize flies to another heart; Sucking the sweet nectar of optimism, Stays long in blooming hearts of some; The more [...]